「Star Sounds Orchestra」


■ Star Sounds Orchestra is a new born band formed by extraordinary talented young musicians produced in 2018 by Kumi Itoh from "Kumi Itoh and the New Sounds Orchestra", the leading social dance band of Japan.We look forward to your encouragement and support.

● クミ伊藤より ●





■ Greetings from Kumi Itoh

I have produced a new lovely band formed by glowing young members from our New Sounds Orchestra aiming to provide fun and rhythmic danceable music for dancers.

The band is looking forward to share the vibrations on stages and dance floors where every one of us having a vivid communication with you to make happy moments. All the members, who also love to dance, are eager and keen to make the orchestra better one so that they can someday carry the future of the music world of our dance scenes.

Every member of the band trains everyday and studies music performances for social dance competitions, especially looking at those from dancers' perspective, to continuously empower our dance scenes.

I have no doubt that your support and encouragements will help us fulfill our mission. Sincerely looking forward to see you in coming stages.